Natural Stone

Stone is one of the most used materials in the construction industry. Most building materials over time lose their initial quality and their strength resists, but the rock is a component of materials that over time does not have any effect on it and always maintains its natural level.

Today, the stone is used both in building and interior decoration. The durability and longevity of this material are very high, and most of the buildings made with rocks will remain for many years to come. The rocks are classified into two categories: natural stone and artificial stone.

Natural stone is composed of minerals and the main ingredient is silica. These stones include diorite, quartzite, marble, travertine, granite and the like. Natural stones are found in natural mines on the surface of the earth and are used for the exterior of the building and its interior. These stone has a unique beauty and carries a warm and intimate feeling.

Natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles & slabs such as Pietra Grey & Onyx are also produced using natural stones, which can be used in many different ways. One of the uses of natural stone tiles, including floors, walls, and decoration, is different parts of the kitchen.

These tiles have been manufactured in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. The variety of natural stone tiles allows employers to make and use this product according to their needs.

The most important advantage of natural stone tiles is that this product has high strength and installation is very easy.

Advantages and Disadvantages Natural stone

These rocks have the advantages and disadvantages of knowing these issues, it can be used transparently to use them.

natural stone slab

Advantages of Natural stone

1.These rocks are found in nature in a wide range of colors and designs, and they have a unique beauty.

  1. Natural stones are thermal insulation and there is no need for any installation
  2. Flexibility and formability on a variety of surfaces are other features of natural stone.

Disadvantages of Natural stone

  1. The weight of the natural stone is heavier than artificial stone, and therefore its use in the building is time-consuming.
  2. Climate and environmental changes affect the texture of the rock and cause cracking, mildew, and dandruff on the surface.
  3. Natural stones are removed from the building’s body due to atmospheric and non-sticking agents over time.