Stone Basin Products

These days Design of home decoration has become an important part of it. The special design and stylish bathroom are also considered as such. The use of special attractive stone basin types gives you eye-catching beauty to your bathroom especially using marbles like Pietra Grey , Persian White and kind on Onyx.

Perhaps you might first have to pay more for buying stone basin , But having a luxury bathroom is worth the most value. Stone basins with a variety of different models can easily capture the attention of the customers.

We present below photos of shapes of stone basin that are more popular. It should be noted that we can produce for you any size and dimensions you need



Stone Basin Price List

Form & Size (mm)TypeFOB PRICE
( Usd/Pcs )
Round Basin / 440*440*120 / 400*400*140Marble – Travertine – Limestone – Crystal110
Oval Basin / 350*250*100 / 380*280*100 / 450*350*120 / 500*340*120Marble – Travertine – Limestone – Crystal90
Square Basin / 300*300*120 / 350*350*120 / 400*400*120Marble – Travertine – Limestone – Crystal100
Rectangle Basin / 450*350*120Marble – Travertine – Limestone – Crystal115



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