Marble Tiles

Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock that is available in many colors. White marble has been used in building since the past. Egyptians and Greeks used this rock to build their temples. This stone is resistant to heat, cold and rain. This stone is a very popular stone, which is now very much used.

How is marble formed?

When limestone is long underground and under high heat and pressure, it is transformed into a marble. The main ingredient in marble is calcium carbonate. Some types of marble contain 99% calcium carbonate. The presence of aluminum and magnesium in marble results in a variety of colors. Pure marble is completely white.

Marble Extraction

To make marble, first marble rocks are divided into special parts by special machines. They then transfer these parts to stone cutting workshops and cut them into arbitrary and appropriate sizes. After cutting, they mold the marble with special machines to find a smooth, smooth surface. In this way, marble is ready to be used. Italy is one of the largest marble producers in the world. The world’s finest marble stones are also produced in the same country.

Because of its special beauty, marble has always been used in sculpture, construction works, and decorations. Famous artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci have used marble in many of their works.

Pietra Grey Marble tiles

The most important features of marble tiles

The most important characteristics of marble tiles can be classified into the following categories:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Hardness
  • Porosity
  • Solubility
  • Resistance
  • the power

Marbles made of Coates have a harder finish than calcite marble rocks. Marble containing Coates is, therefore, more resistant. Water absorption is less than 1%.

And its deformation is elastic and plastic. Another important characteristic of marble stones is the medical and medical properties of the human body. Therefore, in addition to discussing the aesthetics of these rocks in the therapeutic discussion, it can also be used. Doctors recommend those who are struggling to use marble stones in their home and work buildings. Because it can reduce stress in the human body.

Area usage of marble tiles

Marble tiles have many uses, only one of which is the use of this stone for interior decoration;

•    Stairs and stairs

•    the floor of the building

•    columns

•    the kitchen

•    Bathroom and toilet

Since marble tiles have a high color variation due to the presence of compounds inside these rocks, the combination of different colors of marble stones can be used in building facades. Marble stones are in green, white, black, dark honey, yellow, brown, and so on. The green color of marble is due to the presence of mineral actionlike in tithe combination of these colors together can be a great effect for the building.

More marble rocks in green in Iran are used to build mosques. Since the marble is resistant to sunlight, cold and heat, it can be used in the facade of the building. Using this type of rock in the building is just one of the uses of this stone.

Maintenance of marble tiles

The easiest way to clean marble tiles is to use cotton fabric. This can be done by using some warm water or a half-liter of water and a rinse powder, and then the stone with a soft, dry cloth.