Everything About Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra grey rock is the same as a marble stone, but with its gender, design, and degree different from the original marble. This stone is a product that after processing is in black with white streaks. This stone has a lot of hardness and is therefore used in many cases. The stone is presented with thicknesses of 1.8 and 2 cm so that consumers can enjoy it according to their needs. Gray Pietra marble is cut in tile and in different dimensions so that it can be installed and used in shorter intervals.

Pietra Grey

Handmade hammered Pietra grey

In many cases, we see that marble stone is not found in a number of factories and Then that hammering it manually or with a device. To the product that is produced said handmade hammered Pietra grey or device hammered Pietra grey.

The cause of rock hammering is that due to the difficulty and the use of this rock in open environments, this method of friction increases on the rock. This stone is divided into two types according to the order of contractors and builders: high hammering and less hammering.

Area usage from Pietra grey

The Pietra grey marble price of this rock is very convenient and affordable, which is why many contractors pay attention to it.this stone is considered as a very luxurious and beautiful stones because of its dark color, as well as its very unique streaks, which has been the subject of many people for a long time. It is commonly used in building and is used for walls, floors, and stairs. It should also be noted that in some cases we see that the stone is used for the facade of the buildings. Its use in the facade of buildings makes it stunning, and this is why many contractors are using it.