Travertine Stone Maintenance

5 Tips on how to Protect and Clean Travertine Stone
Travertine stone is vulnerable to environmental factors because of the nature of its constituent elements and its porosity, and it is necessary to take some measures into consideration for its maintenance.
These measures depend heavily on the type of coating layer applied on the travertine surface. If the stone has a polished finish layer, then it should be more resistant to stains, but if a honed finish is applied, it will be more susceptible to staining. However, please note that travertine stone cannot be used without the application of the protective layer, as it will soon erode against acid and moisture because of its porous nature. Some tips for the maintenance of this type of stone are as follows:

Protective Layer

If the travertine stone used for walls, floors, kitchen and your bathroom is not a polished finish type, a protective layer should be applied to make sure it will not stain or damage in the event of an accidental spill.

Removing Materials

It is recommended to quickly remove any materials slipped onto the travertine stone using hot water. Stains caused by materials such as tomato sauce, drinks may develop discoloration or damage the stone, so remove them as soon as possible. Be careful not to use acidic substances such as vinegar, alkali substances or any chemicals, as they may initially damage the protective layer and then damage the stone itself.

Cleaning Travertine Using Harmless Tools

If the travertine stone is used for the flooring of your home, it is advised to use harmless tools to for cleaning to avoid etching because any scratches will cause damage to the protective layer and expose the stone. It is recommended to use a cloth for cleaning. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.

Keep Foot Traffic From Bringing

It is recommended to use doormats to keep foot traffic from bringing in damaging grime or abrasive dirt. It is also recommended to take care of the stone used in the baths or basins against the spill of toiletries such as perfumes, oil, shampoo, etc.

Clean Travertine - Alternative Methods

If the stain cannot be cleaned by the regular methods, then you should take alternative methods.
For example, you can mix the stone cleaning substance with baking powder and apply it over the stain, then cover it with a plastic wrap and let it stand for a few days.
You can then remove the stain. If the stains are deeper, you should administer alkaline solutions. In the case of a much deeper stain penetration, you will have to scrub the stone surface and polish it.