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Pietra grey or Grey pietra also known as gray marble is one of the most popular Iranian (Persian) natural stones. Marble e Market provides both marble tiles & slabs of this beautiful product.

Grey pietra with a black grayish background and white layers on its surface is among the famous Iranian marbles which are often used in lobbies of hotels, facades, floors of restaurants and public places in the world.

Lobbies, around columns, and interior views are among the most important places where grey Pietra Marble is widely used, but on the other hand, construction of a variety of luxury and decorative items is one of applications of this marble.

Water absorption of this stone is very low and it has a high resistance to wear and processing. Pietra Grey Marble is now the architects’ one of the most favorite stones for designing bathrooms and kitchens in the world.

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2 reviews for Pietra Grey

  1. Susan McLaron

    Hi, does Pietra grey same as Lashotor stone? we want to import this product to Sydney , Australia. do you have any offer?

    • siteadmin

      Hi susan, yes pietra grey is also known as Lashotor. yes, we exported this product to Sydney and Melbourne. how many square meters do you need?

  2. Kazlauskas

    Our company located in Lithuania. We have a building project that need Pietra Grey tiles.
    I have one question. Does your company exchanges goods. For example we import pietra gray from Iran and exporting wood to your country. Is it possible?

    • Site Admin

      Hi Kazlauskas! happy to see you here.
      Unfortunately we don’t have any plan about exchanging Pietra Grey or any other Persian marble tiles with goods.

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